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Première consultation sans frais avec un technologue en architecture pour valider la faisabilité de votre projet

In the heart of the cobbled streets of Quebec, the art of home restoration evolves like a meticulously orchestrated ballet.


The houses, guardians of architectural heritage, are being given a second lease of life through a multitude of renovation projects.


Over the course of a captivating page, we will dive into the world of residential transformations, where three major themes emerge: the elevation of houses towards new horizons with the addition of floors, the expansion of habitable space by daring enlargements and finally, the infinite range of other types of restorations which redefine the limits of possibility.


An addition is an exciting project that can transform your living space and meet the changing needs of your family. We understand the importance of each step of the extension process and we are here to guide you through all phases of your project.


In this part, we will explore in detail how we carry out a renovation plan for a house, chalet or garage extension, focusing on the operating process, the client's needs, the different expansion options, the cost involved, the additional services offered and the central role of our team of technologists in the completion of your project.


Each extension is unique and meets the specific needs of the client. This is why we start with a thorough initial consultation with the client. This crucial step allows us to understand your needs, preferences and goals for the extension.


Whether you need more space for a growing family, a home work area, a new garage or simply to add functionality to your home, we tailor our approach accordingly.


An important step before starting any elevation or widening project is to inquire with the municipality. Each region has its own rules and regulations regarding construction and town planning. For example, did you know that municipalities only authorize a certain percentage of occupancy on the land? In order not to be disappointed, also check the permitted heights, as well as the authorized types of siding.


Once the permits and authorizations necessary to guarantee the legal compliance of your widening or elevation have been obtained, we ensure that the project complies with all construction standards of the city and the building in question. As seen previously, this includes building height regulations, building codes and zoning requirements.

Finally, once the checks have been completed, you can entrust your project to one of our technologists. This step is essential, because in addition to ensuring the harmonious insertion of the addition according to the architecture of your residence, it will determine the technical constraints which will allow a successful arrangement with the existing one. Moreover, the municipality will require a detailed plan of your project before issuing the construction permit.

Agrandr la maison: Quoi savoir avant de se lancer?
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An enlargement,
yes but at what price?

The cost estimate varies depending on various factors such as the size of the extension, materials used, construction work required and the contractor's labor costs. At Plan Maison Québec, we provide quotes with detailed estimates after analyzing your needs and carrying out a thorough evaluation of your property, while ensuring that we offer you the best price for carrying out your extension construction work. It is essential to take into account construction prices, permits and authorizations, as well as any necessary modifications to the existing structure of the house.


For us, our commitment to customer satisfaction is not limited to the physical construction of the expansion. We also offer additional services to make your experience complete and enjoyable. This may include architectural design services to create detailed plans, advice on materials (for walls, windows, flooring, wood, etc.), decoration and interior design advice, as well as recommendations for the contractor or our source of contractors likely to be able to support you in the success of your project.

Agrandir la maison : Quels sont les coûts?
Agrandir la maison: Les services complémentaires
L'agrandissement de maison : Notre équipe vous accompagne !

Our technologists support youin your expansion project

Extending a house, cottage or garage requires careful expertise and planning to ensure the success of the project. By calling on our expertise, you are assured of being put in contact with highly qualified technologists, a source of expertise and advice who are there to support you at each stage of your project. From initial design to final completion, they are committed to transforming your ideas into reality while taking into account your budget, the style and design of the initial property. We combine our experience with the latest technology and best construction practices to create an extension that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

What are you waiting for?

Expanding a building or home is a promising opportunity to personalize your living area and meet the changing needs of your family. That's why we are committed to providing you with a professional experience throughout the process. By working with you, respecting local standards and using our source of expertise, we will create an extension that will not only improve your home, room or garage, but also your quality of life. Fill out our contact form today to start your expansion project with a team of technologists dedicated to your success.

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Prendre rendez-vous pour un plan d'agrandisement de votre maison

Make an appointment for a

First consultation by videoconference free of charge.


Following the meeting, you will receive a proposal for the creation of your complete construction plans, which will be necessary to validate the feasibility of the project with your municipality, obtaining your license to build, receive quotes from contractors and manufacturers but also, you will be essential to make all stakeholders aware of the projected result and the associated costs.


Our professional will also be happy to offer you precious advices to avoid the pitfalls of the industry and orient yourself according to the stage of advancement of the project, even if you don't need plans at the moment.


Ready to get started? Listen to Emilie explains to you how to prepare yourself:

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