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Plan Maison Quebec, a foolproof expertise in house extensions

With our chalet plan templates available at affordable prices, you can build the home of your dreams. Develop your perfect chalet plan with Plan Maison Québec and get the desired result ​ Plan Maison Quebec also offers a custom cottage house plan design service created by qualified professionals and designed for your specific needs. They are committed to creating quality plans that ensure the efficiency and comfort of each project.

Our team is proud to have collaborated on more than 5,000 projects across Canada

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Custom design plan for your house extension

At Plan Maison Québec, we understand the importance of a successful home extension to improve your comfort and increase the value of your property.


Our superior quality plans are designed with precision, taking into account your preferences and the specificities of your land. Trust our expertise to optimize existing space and create innovative and functional solutions.


With Plan Maison Québec, expanding your home becomes a pleasant and stress-free experience, ensuring a final result that meets your expectations.

Why choose Plan Maison Quebec for your house expansion project?

We work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the home addition plan you've always dreamed of. From the initial design to the finalization of plans, we support you with professionalism and dedication, offering you innovative solutions adapted to your specific needs.

Impeccable expansion plans & certified by the OTPQ seal:

At Plan Maison Québec, each home extension is designed with meticulous attention to detail and certified by the seal of the "L'Ordre des technologues du Québec" (Quebec) or the BCIN (Ontario). Our cottage plans meet the highest industry standards, ensuring safety and durability. By choosing our services, you benefit from recognized expertise and a guarantee of superior quality for your expansion project.

Support throughout the process and true collaboration

Opting for Plan Maison Québec for your home extension means benefiting from complete support at each stage of your project. We believe in working closely with our clients, listening carefully to understand their specific needs. From initial design to finalization of plans, we are here to guide you, advise you and ensure that every detail is taken into account for optimal results.

Your team of professionals dedicated to creating your expansion plan

Our team at Plan Maison Québec is made up of professionals who are passionate and dedicated to the creation of your home extension. We combine our technical expertise with limitless creativity to design plans that perfectly meet your expectations. Our goal is to transform your ideas into a tangible and functional reality, by putting our know-how at your service.

Commitment and trust throughout all stages

When you choose Plan Maison Québec for your home extension, you benefit from an unwavering commitment and mutual trust throughout all stages of the project. We strive to maintain transparent and open communication, keeping you informed at every key stage. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is at the heart of our approach.

Fair and fair prices for an honest partnership.

We understand the importance of staying within your budget. At Plan Maison Québec, we offer fair and equitable prices for our home extension services, without compromising quality. We believe in an honest and transparent partnership, providing you with clear and detailed quotes from the start, with no hidden surprises.

100% satisfied customers

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We are proud to have many satisfied customers who have seen their home extension projects become a reality thanks to Plan Maison Québec. Their testimony is the best proof of our commitment to excellence and the quality of our services. Trust Plan Maison Québec for a successful expansion and an exceptional customer experience.

Choosing Plan Maison Québec for your construction or renovation project ensures you have access to the best possible services...

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Are you ready to start your home extension project?

Like you, we want to undertake your project calmly and with certainty. This is why contacting our architectural technologists and construction estimators to validate the feasibility of the project and your budget is free and without obligation.

Our professionals will also be happy to offer you valuable advice and guide you according to the stage of progress of the project, even if plans are not necessary at the moment.

* Our technical plan services for a renovation project, being subject to measurement records and on-site verification, are offered in the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick only.

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