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Finals / Louis-Philippe Besner / 24-08-23

Finals / Louis-Philippe Besner / 24-08-23


Hello Mr. Besner, (Jean François, your CC technologist),


I hope you enjoyed your experience at Plan Maison Québec.


💡Understand your plans, Validation & Advancement

At this stage, you can obviously provide your comments so that we can move forward with producing your final plans.


I also invite you to watch this video which informs you about what you need to know to fully understand the drawings.

💰Budget estimate - Meeting with our estimator

Furthermore, I warn our estimator that he can contact you to begin the budget estimate provided for in our agreement.


🤝Thank you for your collaboration

Don't hesitate to come back to us if there is anything wrong with your drawings.


A big thank you for your great customers and good success with the project!

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