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CP-0024 - Single storey wooden chalet

CP-0024 - Single storey wooden chalet


Welcome to Quebec House Plan, a company of technologists specializing in the sale and design of house plans custom made. We put our expertise at the service of your construction project, offering you  house model unique and personalized. Call on our experienced professionals to design your plan of cottage of single storeyhas many advantages.


When it comes to designing a cottagein woodof single storey, it is essential to take into account every detail to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. Our team of technologistsMasters the latest construction techniques and standards, ensuring your plan will meet all safety and sustainability requirements. By entrusting the design of your cottagefrom our experts, you will benefit from in-depth expertise and a professional approach to transform your ideas into reality.


Allow us to introduce our model to you.single storey wooden chalet, which embodies rustic charm and timeless elegance. Thiscottageconsists of two bedrooms with dressing room, a bathroom, a mechanical room with laundry area, as well as a family room including a living room, a dining room and a kitchen. The layout of the rooms is carefully designed to offer fluid circulation and optimal use of space. Additionally, the living room, dining room and kitchen open onto an outdoor terrace, creating a harmonious connection between indoors and outdoors.


This model of single storey wooden chaletis designed with premium materials, offering both robustness and natural aesthetics. The warm woodwork and refined finishes give this cottagea welcoming and friendly atmosphere.


In conclusion, our model of wooden chalet single storeyrepresents the perfect union between modern comfort and the authenticity of construction in  drink. Make the choice of Quebec House Plan for the design of your cottageguarantees you professional support throughout the process. We are here to help you make your project a reality, whether by purchasing this house model exceptional or by adapting and modifying the plan according to your specific needs. Contact us today and let our technologists experts bring your dream to lifecottagein woodof single storey.


To learn more about this model:Click here !


    Construction costs shown on our site are approximate and provided for informational purposes only. Please note that prices may vary depending on: the season, the contractor and the materials. The prices mentioned are estimated according to the illustration.

    The minimum cost corresponds to self-construction.

    The maximum cost corresponds to a turnkey project.

    In its amounts, everything is included: excavation, formwork and concrete, the entire shell of the project, exterior cladding with standard materials, interior finishing with standard materials, built-in furniture, plumbing with standard accessories, electricity according to the building code.

    What is excluded:

    The land, landscaping and everything that does not directly affect the construction of the project itself. Example: surveyor's fees, heated floors (at the customer's choice), the air exchanger, any exterior patio, the general conditions of the contractor which may vary depending on each company, the connection with Hydro Quebec and the municipality, septic tank and well.


    When you purchase building plans. The plans include the following:

    . The elevations

    . Plan views

    . Roof views

    . Technical details

    With these plans, you will be able to apply for permits from your city, obtain quotes from contractors in your area and build the house, with a contractor or by self-construction.

    Please note that each city/municipality has its own regulations related to zoning and town planning. It is your duty to ensure that the dimensions and elements are eligible for the permit application and respect the percentage margins of your city. It is always possible to have the plans modified so that they meet the requirements of your region.


    There is no list of materials included with plans purchased online as this must be custom made based on your choices. So, if you want to get the complete materials list, you can select the option for this when purchasing your plans, and our professional will be happy to work with you on this.


    All new house plans are sold with the construction details sheet according to the standards: poured concrete foundation as well as the technical details of the typical wall sections (according to the energy efficiency standards in force).


    The buyer is responsible for checking with his city, the installation standards as well as the construction standards in force. Fees may apply for additional modifications required.


    Whether in paper format or in PDF, the plans purchased are protected by copyright law. Purchasing the plans does not entitle you to build more than one (1) house for yourself and you may not sell, modify, copy the plans. For any changes to your construction plans, please contact Plan Maison Québec. If you wish to build the model several times, it is entirely possible, but please contact us at to discuss our offers for entrepreneurs and real estate professionals.

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