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Plan de maison de 3 chambres - Extérieur avant

PM-0022D | 3 bedroom house plan


Plan type:

Single family Home

Construction budget:

$468,000 to $591,500

Building size:

44' wide X 36' deep


3168 sq. ft.


Without garage

With or without basement:

Finished basement


3 bedrooms / offices

Bathroom or powder room:

2 bathrooms or shower rooms

*All our plans are fully modifiable according to your tastes and needs.

Make an appointment here for a presentation of models by a technologist at no cost

Introduction: architectural excellence at Plan Maison Québec

At Plan Maison Québec, the design of construction and renovation plans for houses, chalets and garages is an art. Our firm, supported by a team of passionate technologists, embodies excellence and innovation in architecture in Quebec. Each project is a promise of authenticity, reflecting the unique identity of our clients through tailor-made plans of unparalleled precision.

The value of a safe investment: the advantages of our ready-to-build plans

Investing in a 3 bedroom house plan developed by Plan Maison Québec means ensuring a home that meets your aspirations. These plans, true masterpieces of architectural design, are the guarantee of superior construction quality, with the possibility of customization to adapt to all visions and all terrains.

Exterior aesthetics: The signature of a timeless design

Our flagship model, the 3 bedroom house plan , features a sophisticated exterior aesthetic. Its architecture, skillfully combining modernity and functionality, is adorned with a covering in noble and durable materials. The absence of a visible garage preserves the clean line of the house and reinforces its landscape integration, while the spacious terrace becomes a haven of peace for its inhabitants.

Interior layout: a reflection on space and light

The 3 bedroom house plan spans a generous 3168 square feet. The intelligently furnished basement accommodates family activities with a practical bathroom. The upper floor, dedicated to tranquility and comfort, houses 3 bedrooms with spacious dressing rooms, a functional laundry room, and a living room bathed in natural light, the promise of a peaceful daily life.

Conclusion and invitation to discovery

The 3 bedroom house plan that we offer is much more than just a plan, it is the canvas of your future home. We invite you to browse our online store and discover how Plan Maison Québec can transform this model into your ideal home. For any modification or customization, our technologists are at your disposal to adapt the plan to your desires .


    Construction costs shown on our site are approximate and provided for informational purposes only. Please note that prices may vary depending on: the season, the contractor and the materials. The prices mentioned are estimated according to the illustration.

    The minimum cost corresponds to self-construction.

    The maximum cost corresponds to a turnkey project.

    In its amounts, everything is included: excavation, formwork and concrete, the entire shell of the project, exterior cladding with standard materials, interior finishing with standard materials, built-in furniture, plumbing with standard accessories, electricity according to the building code.

    What is excluded:

    The land, landscaping and everything that does not directly affect the construction of the project itself. Example: surveyor's fees, heated floors (at the customer's choice), the air exchanger, any exterior patio, the general conditions of the contractor which may vary depending on each company, the connection with Hydro Quebec and the municipality, septic tank and well.


    When you purchase building plans. The plans include the following:

    . The elevations

    . Plan views

    . Roof views

    . Technical details

    With these plans, you will be able to apply for permits from your city, obtain quotes from contractors in your area and build the house, with a contractor or by self-construction.

    Please note that each city/municipality has its own regulations related to zoning and town planning. It is your duty to ensure that the dimensions and elements are eligible for the permit application and respect the percentage margins of your city. It is always possible to have the plans modified so that they meet the requirements of your region.


    There is no list of materials included with plans purchased online as this must be custom made based on your choices. So, if you want to get the complete materials list, you can select the option for this when purchasing your plans, and our professional will be happy to work with you on this.


    All new house plans are sold with the construction details sheet according to the standards: poured concrete foundation as well as the technical details of the typical wall sections (according to the energy efficiency standards in force).


    The buyer is responsible for checking with his city, the installation standards as well as the construction standards in force. Fees may apply for additional modifications required.


    Whether in paper format or in PDF, the plans purchased are protected by copyright law. Purchasing the plans does not entitle you to build more than one (1) house for yourself and you may not sell, modify, copy the plans. For any changes to your construction plans, please contact Plan Maison Québec. If you wish to build the model several times, it is entirely possible, but please contact us at to discuss our offers for entrepreneurs and real estate professionals.

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