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Construction cost estimator

As an independent appraisal company, Plan Maison Quebec provides you the fair cost of your project.

Calling on a construction cost estimator to carry out a real and impartial construction cost estimate is a crucial and essential step in the life cycle of your project. Entrust this task to our professional estimator in the field and benefit from the best possible solutions by making informed and judicious choices. ​


With our team of professionals construction cost estimator and project management expert, you have the assurance to work with experienced and qualified specialists, and take advantage of their knowledge to optimize your investment.


We are at your service to save you time and money for your future projects. We establish a relationship of trust and goodwill with you to ensure the best possible conditions.

What is a construction cost estimator?

In construction, a cost estimator is a person or a company that is specializes in estimating the costs and resources needed to complete a construction project.

The construction cost estimator is responsible for evaluating the total cost of your project taking into account several factors such as materials, labor, equipment, overhead, permits, market fluctuations, delays, unforeseen events and other expenses linked to the implementation.

In general, this professional works closely with the various stakeholders to understand the specifications, plans and quotes.

Then, based on this valuable information, he uses his knowledge, skills and experience to estimate as precisely and realistically as possible the costs involved in the construction and realization of your dream house or your renovation.

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What is a construction cost estimator?

Why hire an independent construction estimator?

The precise, detailed and neutral estimate provided by our construction estimator is essential for the smooth running of the construction process for several reasons. Here are some of them: 

An accurate cost assessment: thanks to his skills, experience and mastery of the subject, the construction estimator has the necessary expertise to accurately evaluate the costs associated with your construction project. 

Save your budgetBudget planning is a decisive step for the success and profitability of your project. This is why a precise estimate makes it possible to minimize cost overruns and ensure the realization of your dream in the best conditions. This therefore prevents you from losing money by paying too much for services.

Risk management: the expert is able to take into account the possible risks linked to your project. This concerns potential unforeseen events, delays, variations in the price of materials, etc. This therefore makes it possible to anticipate problems and take appropriate measures to mitigate them in advance. 

Strategic decision making: Thanks to the realistic and honest estimates of our construction estimator, you will have in your hands the fairest possible price for your project, as an indication. So this will help you make informed decisions, without feeling regret during the construction process. Whether to select suppliers, assess feasibility or determine the order of priority of expenses…

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​What are the main responsibilities of a professional construction cost estimator?

This professional plays an essential role in the process of reflection, decision-making and realization of your project. Indeed, it is through his expertise that his success is likely to be associated.

His main responsibilities vary depending on the project. However, here are some of his current responsibilities:

  • Analyze all documents: the estimation expert must carefully examine the plans, quotes, technical specifications and other documents related to your construction desire. This step allows him to understand all the requirements and needs specific to your idea.

  • Estimate costs: Obviously, he is responsible for assessing the costs associated with different aspects of the project. He must be able to accurately calculate the quantities needed for materials and equipment, consider labor costs, determine overhead costs, judge expenses related to permits, insurance and other indirect costs.

  • Check, approve or propose a better solution: in case you already have an estimate of your construction costs, from a contractor for example, our specialist is able to check if the price announced to you is the right price or not. If you would like a second opinion to be sure not to spend more than necessary, our professional will be happy to help you.

In conclusion, the construction estimator has a crucial mission in planning and managing the costs of your projects. Its expertise helps minimize cost overruns, guarantee project profitability and ensure your satisfaction through clear decision-making.

Why hire an independent construction estimator?
What are the main responsibilities of a construction cost estimator?
Process of estimating construction costs for your project


Estimation is a crucial and essential step in the life cycle of your project. Entrust this task to our experts in the field and benefit from the best possible solutions by making informed and judicious choices.

Preparation of probable cost estimates for materials, labor, equipment and subcontracting

Advice on tender procedures, analysis of offers, recommendation for contract agreement and negotiations

Establishment and maintenance of calls for tender processes, follow-up with companies and support

Implementation of cost monitoring and reporting on systems and procedures

Preparation of expenditure and cost statements and forecasts at regular intervals for the project

Preparing and maintaining a directory of suppliers, contractors and subcontractors

Liaison, consultation and communication with technologist, owner, contractor and subcontractors

Repair of economic feasibility studies on changes and adjustments to expenditure forecasts

Management and coordination of construction projects and preparation of construction stage schedules

What are the steps of estimating construction cost?

At Plan Maison Québec, all projects submitted to our construction estimator benefit from a thoughtful and fair process regarding costs. This requires quality and specific judgment expertise as well as exemplary planning to obtain the best results for your project.

So that you can understand the deep work done by our professional, the steps outlined below will give you a guideline when developing a construction pricing estimate.

Step 1: Agree on the basis of cost estimation


The parties involved must agree on the project cost estimate before beginning the estimation process. This activity consists of obtaining information on the project, such as the scopes and schedules already developed from which the expert can obtain the beginnings of cost estimates. 


The level of scope always depends on the project type, complexity, design matrix and criteria. The specialist must clearly describe and document all assumptions at this stage.

It also records additional and subsequent information to provide a traceable history for each estimate made.

Quelles sont les tâches d'un estimateur en construction?
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How much does it cost to provide a construction cost estimator?
Make an appointment and start your construction cost estimation

How much does it cost to work with a construction estimator?

At Plan Maison Québec, we offer you personalized support based on your needs, your projects and your financial means.

As you now know, the mission of our construction estimator is complete, fundamental, efficient, advantageous and profitable.

Do you want to really know the costs to consider for your project, or simply need to have preliminary information? Now, make an appointment with our expert and imagine your future home!

Are you already a Plan Maison Québec customer? Contact your technologist directly to take advantage of the construction estimator service already included in your service agreement.

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