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2 floor house plan laval


Cindy D.

Do you want to expand your house to make it more spacious, have new living rooms and increase its value? With Plan House, be assured of personalized support in the design of your home expansion and floor addition projects.

Plan House is a firm of technologists expert in designing construction or renovation plans for home owners in the Canada region. Through this client's project, we will show you why he decided to trust us with the realization of his 2-storey house plan in Laval.

This family contacted us via to carry out their project to add a floor and a carport to their house. Our teams analyzed the project and one of our technologists was able to design a custom-made 2-storey house expansion plan in Laval. Satisfied to be able to have 3 new bedrooms, a new large bathroom and a large family room, this client decided to move on to the construction work. Are you convinced by our expertise in producing professional quality plans?

Do you also have a similar house expansion and floor addition project? Do like this family, contact Plan House and we will make sure to carry out your project. In addition, the first consultation with one of our technologists is 100% free!

2 floor house plan laval
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