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House extension

2 storey house plan laval


Claudia SP.

When looking for a professional to design your house plan for your future work, nothing better than calling on Plan House.

Specialist in house plan drawing for new home construction or renovation, Plan House has been the reference firm of technologists in Canada for nearly 10 years. Our team of experts always manages to satisfy Canada customers with an ever more qualitative house plan. Here are customers who have even recommended us to friends...

Their project was simple: add a floor to the house. When their family grew, they didn't have enough space for everyone to have their own room. This is why this family living in Laval contacted us to draw their house plan necessary to make their addition of floor containing 3 new bedrooms with dressing room, a new bathroom as well as a laundry room. With their 2-storey house plan in hand, this Laval family was able to carry out their work with peace and serenity.

And you, how do you find the house plan drawn by our expert?

Does your work require a house plan made by a professional? So look no further and contact Plan House now and you will be able to tell us about your project in great detail during your first meeting totally free!

2 storey house plan laval
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