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House extension

2 story house plan saguenay


Carl R.

Are you planning to add a house floor but you don't have your construction plan yet? That's good, Plan House is an expert in this field and can provide you with a plan of your home of professional quality and in a short time.

Plan House has been, for nearly 10 years, a team of professional architectural technologists forming a Canadafirm specializing in the design of house plans for renovation and construction work. In Saguenay, these customers have understood this...

These inhabitants of Saguenay, owners of this 2-storey house, had the project to add a floor to their house to have 4 new bedrooms with dressing rooms as well as a bathroom for the entire floor. They also wanted to take advantage of this work to renovate their basement and ground floor. They had the good idea to call on Plan House to obtain their construction plan for their new floor. One of our professional technologists therefore took on the task of drawing up a plan of their 2-storey house in accordance with their project.

How do you find these house plans and projects from these clients?

Does your project concern an extension of your house, the construction of a new house or a renovation? So if you still don't have your house plan to do your work, contact Plan House to ensure peace of mind when doing the work. In addition, we offer you your first consultation with our technologist, 100% free!

2 story house plan saguenay
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