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House extension

2 story house plan saint-jean-sur-richelieu


Cindy D.

Want to expand your home? Adding a floor? You surely need additional space for a new life project and we understand you at Plan House. This is why we offer to accompany you in the realization of all your residential construction and renovation projects.

Plan House is a firm of architectural technologists, specializing in the design of house plans for residents of the Canada. Discover here the project of a client from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu who called on our services for the design of his 2-storey house to add a floor to his house...

This family grew and so they needed more space to be able to accommodate everyone. Their choice turned to an addition of floor in order to obtain 3 new bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dressing room and a living room. He didn't yet have a plan for their new home, so they called on our services and we put them in touch with one of our technologists to design their house plan. Delighted with their plan, they were happy to see the project take shape!

How do you find this house plan with 2 floors for these inhabitants of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu?

Convinced by our know-how and the expertise of our professional technologists? So call on Plan House to get your house plan for construction or renovation and you can do your work with complete peace of mind. In addition, with us your first consultation with your future technologist is free, so don't miss it!

2 story house plan saint-jean-sur-richelieu
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