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House extension

2 story house plan trois-rivieres


Cindy D.

Have you decided to add a floor to your house to increase its surface area and obtain new living rooms such as bedrooms, a new bathroom or a new living room? Very well ! Have you thought about calling on a professional to have a good quality construction plan that complies with construction standards, such as Plan House?

A firm of professional architectural technologists, Plan House has specialized for several years in the design of house plans to carry out house expansion work, garage construction or even new house construction, in Trois-Rivières as in the entire Canada region.

The owners of this house, living in Trois-Rivières, contacted our team to help them add a floor to their house to have a large common living room with the kitchen, living room and dining room. therefore needed a new house plan with 2 floors in Trois-Rivières. Successful bet thanks to our architectural technologist who was able to design a new plan for their house with the 2 floors, the customers were finally able to carry out their house extension work without worries.

And you, how do you find this project and the plans made?

Do you have a project concerning the construction of a new house, a house extension or do you want to add a floor to your house? Now you know who to call to get your house plan. We remind you that your first consultation with us is free!

2 story house plan trois-rivieres
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