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House plan

3d house design


Martin B.

Have you ever thought of extending your house but are reluctant to see your house transformed? Know that it is possible to call on professionals in 3D home design. In this way you have an overview of your house once finished before you even start them. Practical, right?

Specialist in house plan design for new house construction, house expansion and floor addition, Plan House is also an expert in 3D house design thanks to plans that are ever closer to reality.

For this family's project, our 3D artist was able to showcase the house once the house expansion work was completed: a garage construction as well as an addition of a floor. Our expert has taken care to highlight the half-wood, half-stone cladding on the extension of the house and to ensure that we have the impression that the extension has always existed.

What do you think of this 3D house plan produced by our expert?

Does your project require a 3D plan? So call on Plan House and its 3D home design experts now. In addition, take advantage of your first 100% free meeting with our team to tell them about your project in detail.

3d house design
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