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House extension

add a floor to a house


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Want a new house because yours is too small? And why not build an extra floor? When a house becomes too small to accommodate the whole family or you no longer have enough room for your personal or professional projects, it is not mandatory to move: you can add another floor. And since it is better to have your construction work done by a professional, why not call on the services of Plan House?

Plan House is an architectural technologist firm specializing in the expansion of single-family homes and the addition of floors, since 2015 throughout Canada. For this house with garage, the client contacted us because he was planning to expand the area of ​​his house and add a new floor.

How do you find this new home? Are you planning to build an extension for your house or add a floor to a house? Contact Plan House for a free initial consultation now!

add a floor to a house
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