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House extension

addition floor house beaupre


Jacob W.

Need space in your home? New projects require you to expand your house to build a new room or a new floor? Do not forget to call on the professionals of Plan House to carry out your custom house expansion plan, by professionals.

A team of talented 3D technologists and artists, Plan House is the go-to firm to contact for all your residential projects requiring a house plan in Canada.

Here is the project of this client from Beaupré who called on our experts to draw a plan for an addition of a floor to his house located in Beaupré. Our architectural technologist therefore drew up a house plan including the destruction, for redevelopment, of the ground floor and the existing first floor. Finally he made a new plan for the floor with 2 new bedrooms and bathroom. Once this plan in hand, our client from Beaupré hastened to begin the house extension work.

Do you like this project? And what do you think of the floor addition plan designed by our architectural technologist?

Do you have a residential project? Do like this client, call on Plan House and its experts in the field of house plan drawing. We also offer you your first appointment with us to reveal your project to the smallest detail. See you soon !

addition floor house beaupre
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