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House extension

addition floor house chambly


Alex D.

When we build a house, we don't always think about the projects that can happen later in our lives. So it happens that the house we built, at a certain moment, is no longer big enough and adapted to our way of life. It is then time to make a house extension. In this case, it is important to call on professionals such as Plan House.

A firm of professional architectural technologists, Plan House is the reference in Canada and throughout the region in terms of designing construction plans, renovation plans, such as house extensions and floor additions, and even garage building.

Discover a project, carried out with our support, from a family from Chambly. They needed more space in their house. So they thought about expanding the house and adding a floor. After contacting us, we called on one of our technologists to carry out the expansion and floor addition plan they needed. From now on, the ground floor has an extension from the entrance with a covered terrace. Upstairs, our architectural technologist has planned two new bedrooms with dressing room and office space, and access to a new terrace. In addition, the original surface of the floor has also been enlarged in order to have new bedrooms with dressing rooms and a bathroom.

So, what do you think of this Chambly house expansion project with an additional floor?

Are you also planning to do construction, renovation or home extension work? Look no further and call on Plan House to be sure to have a perfectly executed house plan.

addition floor house chambly
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