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House extension

additional floor baie-saint-paul


Kim B.

Do you want to add a floor to your house to have a new living area? So trust Plan House to draw your floor addition plan by professionals.

At Plan House we specialize in drawing house plans for all types of construction or renovation work. Whether you want to add a floor, a house extension, a garage construction, etc. our expertise in house plan drawing will allow you to carry out your work with complete peace of mind.

The project of the day concerns a floor addition made in Baie-Saint-Paul for a family who wanted two new rooms in their house. Once the meeting had been made with our architectural technologist, he was able to draw the new house plan including the additional floor. This plan includes the development of two offices: an open office at the top of the new stairs, another closed with a planned dressing room.

With their floor addition plan completed, these Baie-Saint-Paul clients were able to complete their home additions very quickly.

You liked this project and you want to call on our team to realize your new house plan? So contact Plan House now!

additional floor baie-saint-paul
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