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architect house extension


Martin B.

You have any ideas ? Do you want to design plans for new or renovated housing projects? Then you need a housing plan designer, also known as a construction technologist. Architectural technicians are space designers, structural designers, who can take your project to a much higher level.

How do you distinguish an experienced home plan designer? Because it meets your needs by providing solutions to problems you haven't even thought of. He will listen to all your requests and visually apply each of your ideas in the plan. Our experts create detailed, clear and precise plans for you to facilitate the work of the stakeholders who will execute your project. Finally, it respects your budget and plans your complete satisfaction!

The experts of the Plan House team are always honored to support the client in designing plans for their home expansion projects. Reviewing the layout of your home so that everything runs smoothly is a daily challenge for our technologists.

The talent of our designers of living spaces and designers can only surprise you! Use your first free online consultation to discuss the feasibility of your project with one of our technologists, who are passionate about designing plans.

To make an appointment, simply contact us or book a time slot directly on our appointment platform. Looking forward to sharing with you the design of your living space and your plans!

architect house extension
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