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House plan

architectural technologist alma


Michael G.

Are you planning to start building or renovating your home but you have not yet had your new house plan designed? Call Plan House now to be accompanied by an expert architectural technologist in drawing a house plan.

Plan House is the Quebec firm that puts you in touch with an architectural technologist allowing you to carry out all your custom construction or residential renovation projects.

The following project was born in Alma when this family told us about their project to build a terrace inside their house. To do so, they needed a new house plan drawn by a professional: an architectural technologist. We therefore put them in contact with one of our experts in order to draw up their new plan.

This house plan therefore presents the addition of an interior wooden terrace in the central part of their already existing house. Once the work of our architectural technologist was completed, we were able to help our Alma clients choose the best contractor to carry out their work.

Do you also need to be followed by an architectural technologist to draw up your plan to carry out your construction or residential renovation work? Look no further and call the Plan House team now!

architectural technologist alma
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