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House extension

architectural technologist beloeil


Martin B.

Do you love your home but it no longer suits you and your family? Do you think you are running out of space but you do not plan to move to another house? Find out how an architectural technologist can help you by making a home extension plan.

Plan House is the firm specializing in the drawing of house plans that allows you to be accompanied by an architectural technologist for any new construction or home renovation project in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

The following project was carried out thanks to the floor addition plan drawn by our architectural technologist for clients from Beloeil. After contacting us to complete a floor addition using a new house plan, we connected them with an architectural technologist to help them bring their project to life.

This renovation plan presents a finished basement with three bedrooms, a living room, a large laundry room. On the ground floor, a new kitchen is born with direct access to the new terrace located at the back of the house. Finally, the new floor will be fitted out with a boudoir, two bedrooms, an office and a bathroom.

Once the work of our architectural technologist was completed, our clients in Beloeil were able to call on one of our partner contractors to carry out the renovation and extension work on the house with an additional floor.

You liked this type of project and the plans drawn by our architectural technologist. You too can benefit from the expertise and know-how of our experts: call on Plan House.

architectural technologist beloeil
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