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build your house plan


Cindy D.

There is no secret. To have your house built by a contractor, you need a plan. What contractors prefer above all is when they are provided with detailed, clear and precise plans to facilitate their work. What contractors will tell you is that the plans of the architectural technologists at Plan House are the ones they prefer to work with since their quality ensures the quality of their work.

It was with pleasure that we realized the plan of these clients for their contemporary style bungalow with integrated garage. Our technologists would tell you that to carry out the plan to build your dream home, listening is the key in order to integrate the essential elements of the clients into the project. For these clients, the essential elements were to provide in the basement the necessary to eventually add 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, to arrange the ground floor in an open area so that the kitchen, the dining room dining and living room communicate together.

In short, to build your house, the first good step is the design of your construction plan by Plan Maison Québec. Take advantage of a first free online consultation to discuss your entire project with one of our technologists. Know that Plan House is plans for new home construction projects, but also for renovation projects such as adding a floor, expanding a house and more. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

build your house plan
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