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building drawing


Martin B.

At Plan  House we understand that your needs change over time. Once the children have left the family nest, many choose to spoil themselves and offer themselves what they have been dreaming of for a very long time: a majestic master bedroom with walk-in storage. A renovation project then takes shape thanks to a tailor-made building design!

We were happy at Plan House to have participated in the realization of this dream for the clients of this project for whom we made the building design for a renovation of the ground floor. The bedroom section on the ground floor has grown to 3 bedrooms and a small bathroom and to a large master bedroom with walk-in closet and a huge bathroom which can now accommodate washer and dryer. The entrance was also modified to add walk-in storage for boots, shoes and coats. The technologist assigned to their project therefore drew up the existing plans to then draw up the demolition plan and finally the renovation plan. Customers took the opportunity to change the windows in their homes to more energy-efficient windows.

The secret of Plan House for your renovation projects? A renovation plan or a detailed, clear and precise building drawing that facilitates the work of those involved in your project. Take advantage of a first free online consultation with one of our technologists to realize the full potential of your home to make it the home of your dreams!

building drawing
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