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bungalow house plan


Érika B.

Do you want to carry out construction or renovation work on a bungalow? So it's time to call on Plan House's technologists to design your new bungalow house plan.

Plan House is the reference firm of technologists in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. Do you have a project that requires a new house plan? Our panel drawing experts have all the know-how you need to carry out your project.

Today we are pleased to present to you the project of a client who contacted us to help her carry out her ground floor renovation project as well as the basement of their bungalow. We therefore put him in touch with one of our technologists who, once the details of his project and his needs were discussed with him, were able to draw his new bungalow house plan. The basement plan presents a new bathroom, a laundry area as well as a new room that can be converted into an office or storage space. On the ground floor our client will be able to take advantage of his new dressing room located at the entrance of the bungalow.

Once the bungalow house plan was completed, our client had the pleasure of calling on one of our partner contractors to carry out the redevelopment work.

Do you have a similar project and need a new house plan? Call Plan House now to ensure the smooth running of your work.

bungalow house plan
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