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Cabin plan

cabin plan laurentides


Ann-Vicky D.

This family from the Laurentians saw a model chalet on our site and thought that with a few modifications, they would see themselves in it. So she immediately phoned Plan House to tell us about her wish and to have a custom chalet plan made for her. Would you also like it with a few changes to adapt to your life? Don't wait any longer and contact us!

Bringing together the most talented technologists in the province, Plan House is a firm specializing in the design of chalet plans, new house plans or in everything related to home extensions such as the addition of a floor, a basement and construction of garage and carpot.

With the help of our technologist, this family from the Laurentians was able to have a chalet plan adapted to their wishes from an existing model. As the family of this one is larger than the one who ordered the basic model, a bedroom has been added and the space has been reviewed, as well as some openings. The ground floor of this chalet plan includes four bedrooms with storage but there is also a laundry room, a mechanical room, a large living room which includes a kitchen, a small dining room and a large living room with fireplace where large bay windows overlook the outside.

Do you like this chalet plan? Let us know and we will do our best to satisfy you!

cabin plan laurentides
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