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Cabin plan

cabin plan longueuil


Véronique B.

This couple from Longueuil wanted to build a family chalet so that they could enjoy a few beautiful days in the countryside with their family whenever the mood took them. To do this, they called on Plan House to design their chalet plan. Would you also like to have an expert opinion for a future construction? Contact us for a free first interview and we will see what can be done to delight you!

Renowned throughout the province, Plan House brings together the best architectural technologists and interior designers who are experts in the design of house plans, but also chalet plans, renovation plans including floor additions or even construction of garage and carpots.

When this couple from Longueuil contacted us, they wanted to build a modern cottage the size of the family. After meeting our professional technologist and discussing with him the specifics he wanted to have in his home, he was delighted with the proposed chalet plan and was thus able to quickly contact a builder to start the work. The plan shows a chalet composed on the ground floor of a bedroom, a laundry area, a bathroom, a mechanical room and a large living room with lounge, dining room and kitchen with large bay windows overlooking on the outside. The floor has a mezzanine overlooking the living room from a small living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

If, like this couple, you want to create your own chalet to decompress and relax in the heart of nature, do not hesitate to tell us about your dream!

cabin plan longueuil
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