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House extension

contemporary house floor


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And if you want to renovate your contemporary two-storey house? Do you want to completely transfer your original house without removing the current structure? This is possible with the advice and monitoring of an architectural technologist.

The addition of a floor was the solution considered and then validated by our customers.

The house has been completely extended but starting with the same base. The rendering is incredible and the area has doubled. The clients followed the advice of their technologist on the shape of the roof and the openings. The customer request was to have a mansion style facade.

As part of a floor addition, and all other contemporary home renovations, it is important for a technologist to draw up existing plans, demolition plans and new home construction plans. All these plans put together form the renovation plans that will be used by the various project stakeholders to carry out the work in accordance with the plans, particularly with your municipality and your future construction contractor.

Do you have a renovation project in sight and need a team specialized in designing plans to carry out the renovation plans for your home? One thing to do: contact us! At Plan House, we offer the first free online consultation. You will be able to discuss your project, list your expectations and above all listen to the advice of your technologist. It's 100% free and there is no commitment. Following your videoconference, you will receive a complete and tailor-made quote.

contemporary house floor
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