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House plan

contemporary house plan


Cindy D.

It must be said that to create a house plan for a new building or a renovation project, you have to be creative, listen, but also be strict and rigorous in order to comply with the various building regulations and standards.

At Plan House, the house plan is our specialty. Since 2013, the experienced technologists on our team have been able to support future owners of new homes or owners who wish to renovate their home by adding a floor, expanding a house or renovating.

We are happy to share our expertise in new home projects with attached basement. Our clients had specific requirements and it was with pleasure that the technologist assigned to their project was able to use his creativity to design layout plans for the basement, the ground floor and the upper floors.

You too can test and experience the creativity of Plan House in the design of a new house plan or a contemporary house plan. In order to convince you of our excellence, we offer the first free online consultation to discuss all aspects of your project with one of our experts. Make an appointment, nothing could be simpler than that! You can contact us or book directly on our platform. Looking forward to creating with you!

contemporary house plan
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