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contemporary house plan abitibi


Martin B.

You're planning to build a new house with a basement, but you still haven't had your plans drawn up by a specialized architectural technologist. This choice can lead to numerous problems and jeopardize the success of your project. Don't let carelessness cost you. Call on experienced professionals to design your contemporary home in Abitibi. At Plan House, our team of technologists specialized in house plan design will meet your needs.

Failing to call on professionals to design your new house plan with a basement can have disastrous consequences. Poor room layout, inefficient use of space or structural errors can lead to major long-term problems. Avoid regrets and unnecessary expense by entrusting your project to competent technologists. Their expertise guarantees a coherent, aesthetically pleasing and functional plan, in line with current building standards.

At Plan House, we understand the importance of creating a living space that meets your specific needs. Our professional home plan technologists are passionate about their craft and dedicated to providing customized solutions. Whether you're looking for a contemporary home, with sustainable materials and optimal energy efficiency, or a renovation to add a second floor and enlarge your current home, we're here to help.

Allow us to present a recent project we carried out for customers living in the Abitibi region. They wanted a three-bedroom house with a finished basement. Thanks to our team of qualified technologists, we were able to draw up a new house plan that maximized the available space and offered a practical, aesthetically pleasing layout. Every detail was considered, from room layout to window placement and interior finishes. The end result has exceeded our customers' expectations, and they now enjoy a modern, functional home that perfectly matches their lifestyle.

Don't leave the planning of your real estate project to chance. Trust Plan House to design your contemporary home in Abitibi. Our expert technologists will guide you through the process, taking into account your needs, preferences and budget. Contact us today and make your dream a reality.

contemporary house plan abitibi
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