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custom house plan


Audrey G.

At Plan House, we believe that it is in the small details that we succeed in setting our plans apart from our competitors. If we can also set ourselves apart with these small details, it is thanks to our technologists who, wishing to impress you, are attentive to the needs you say, but also to those you have that you do not say. This is what we call in our jargon, seeing beyond the needs and creating a custom house plan.

The technologist assigned to this project was able to go beyond the needs and create a custom house plan that optimizes the spaces. See how ingenious the front entrance and garage entrance are. In the walk-in style storage of the main entrance is the access to the garage. So, the storage at the main entrance also serves as storage for the entrance to the garage. The same principle was used in the basement where the walk-in closet in the bedroom gives access to the bathroom. Our technologist was also able to respond to customers' storage requests and also satisfy a practical request: a laundry chute. That way, there's no need to go down to the basement with a basket full of laundry. Just throw it in the laundry chute. Isn't there tailor-made practice?

Would you also like to have an experienced technologist design a custom house plan for you, according to your requirements and needs? It is at Plan House that you will find these experienced technologists who will be able to listen and create your dream custom home! Contact us for your free online consultation and let's start creating the custom house plan together!

custom house plan
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