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Garage building

double garage plan laval


Michael G.

Do you need a double garage construction plan to carry out your new project? Discover Plan House and its technologists who will be able to accompany you.

Plan House is a team of technologists specializing in the drawing of house plans of all kinds for construction and renovation projects, as well as house extensions, floor additions and garage construction. This is how the following clients, originally from Laval, contacted us to design their two-storey garage plan.

They wanted to build a double garage in order to be able to park up to two vehicles, while having a new storage space, so these Laval customers trusted us to design their double garage plan, and they were satisfied with the result.

This two-storey garage plan has in the basement a first entrance for a vehicle, a bathroom and a storage room. Upstairs we find a large entrance for a vehicle and a workbench.

Once their two-storey garage plan was drawn up by our technologist and delivered, our Laval customers, after validation of the final version, were able to move on to the construction stage of their new garage.

Do you also have a project that requires having a custom house plan, renovation plan or garage construction plan? Trust the Plan House team to help you carry out your project in the best possible way.

double garage plan laval
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