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Garage building

double garage plan levis


Michael G.

Need a new garage for your home? You have a new car but you do not have a place to park it sheltered from the cold and the snow? Then you have come to the right place to have your garage construction plan produced with Plan House.

Our firm of technologists has been specializing for more than 10 years in the drawing of all kinds of plans for the inhabitants in Canda. Whether you need a new house plan, house extension, floor addition or garage construction, we have all the know-how to implement to carry out your plan to perfection.

The project of the day concerns a construction of a detached double garage for a client living in Lévis. He wanted to add a new double garage to his house to be able to park his vehicles as well as have storage space. Once we contacted us, we put our client in touch with one of our technologists to create their double garage plan. This modern style detached double garage plan has two main garage doors on the front and a pedestrian door on the left side of it. Perfect for accommodating up to two vehicles, this garage also provides space for storage. Its white wooden exterior cladding gives it a modern look and its lights arranged along the edge of the roof make it possible to locate its entrances at night.

Satisfied with the double garage plan produced by our architectural technologist, this client was able to quickly begin construction work on his garage in Lévis.

Are you interested in our expertise in house plan drawing? So don't wait any longer and do Plan House now!

double garage plan levis
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