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Garage building

garage plan blainville


Pierre C. / Daniel P.

Want to have a garage next to your house? To do this, you will need a garage construction plan, and nothing better than to call on experts in the field such as Plan House technologists!

Plan House is a firm of professional technologists specializing in the design of residential construction and renovation plans of all kinds for residents of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

The customers of the day are from Blainville and decided to contact the Plan House technologists at the start of their simple detached garage construction project. They needed a garage construction plan and therefore made the right decision to hire professionals in the field to draw it.

This single garage plan has the main entrance on the front facade, pedestrian access on the right side, and two windows (one on each side of the garage). At the end of the garage is a staircase leading upstairs, allowing for additional storage area.

With the garage construction plan drawn up and completed by our technologist, our Blainville clients had the joy of being able to contact their contractor to begin the work.

Do you also dream of building a garage and are you looking for a drawing expert to design your garage construction plan? Contact Plan House now without hesitation! We assure you to call on the best in their field to carry out your project in the best conditions.

garage plan blainville
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