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house construction plan


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At Plan House, we are able to carry out all your new home construction projects, regardless of the size of the project. From the most modest to the most ambitious, our team of technologists specializing in house construction plans will be able to meet all the challenges you impose on them!

Large-scale projects are not only multi-storey houses. Here is a project for a single-storey house with a basement to which was to be attached a garage that could accommodate 2 cars and a large terrace to receive friends and families on beautiful summer days. The layout plan has been cleverly designed to maximize each of the large spaces, because yes, sometimes having too much space can end up being misused or wasted space.

We like in this house construction plan the way the technologist had to make the entry space intimate (cut off from the rest of the house) and functional with plenty of space to circulate and storage. The huge kitchen with its central island will certainly make people jealous, as will the large master bedroom and its master bathroom. We also like the sliding door in the hallway that cuts the living spaces to the rest areas for more soundproofing. It is also well thought out that the bathroom is located in the common living areas section. Thus, we avoid that the visit passes through the more intimate spaces to go to the bathroom!

Your house building plan can also be so cleverly designed! All you have to do is call on our team and we will be able to lead your project to the only possible conclusion: your complete satisfaction! Contact us today for your first free online consultation to tell us about your new home construction project! We are all ears and good advice!

house construction plan
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