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House extension

house extension plan longueuil


Johan M.

Is your house too small? Would you like to have an extra room? Very good idea ! To carry out a project of this kind, it is always preferable to call on experts in house extension plan drawing such as Plan House.

Plan House is the reference firm of professional technologists in Canada and throughout the region. Our team is in the best position to design the house plan you need to carry out your work, construction of new house, extension of house or addition of floor, to perfection.

Here is the project of a family from Longueuil who called on our services to draw up an expansion plan for their house. Indeed, she wanted to enlarge one side of her two-storey house in order to be able to create a new room on the ground floor and one upstairs. Our architectural technologist put in touch with this family from Longueil was able to create the perfect house extension plan, which they needed to start their work quickly and efficiently. They were delighted!

And you, what do you think ? Do you have a project to build a new house or renovate your current home? You now know that all you have to do is call on Plan House to have the perfect house plan delivered to you, to carry out your work and carry out your project in the best conditions. See you right away for your first free meeting with one of our technologists to start your project!

house extension plan longueuil
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