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House extension

house floor plan


Martin B.

Sometimes, our clients hesitate between enlarging their house and selling it to buy a more spacious one. But to minimize costs and give more character to your home, nothing beats a beautiful home extension. And that's the case with this project.

At Plan House, we are lucky to have great technologists in our network, ready to assist you in the realization of your two-storey house architectural plan.

Here, customers wanted to gain space to afford a bigger kitchen and a bigger living space. What could be better than receiving people in a large space?

At Plan House, we offer you your first free online consultation, a time during which you can discuss the specifics of your project without obligation, with one of our experienced technologists who will be able to inform you, meet your needs, better than anyone and design the plan of your custom-made two-storey house.

In addition to your appointment, benefit from numerous offers and discounts from our partners in materials and magnificent 3D perspectives.

house floor plan
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