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building plan designer
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Plan de chalet, Modèle

Building plan designer


Jean François P.

When you plan to build a new house or chalet, it is crucial to call on a professional building designer . If you haven't yet had your plan drawn up, you are opening yourself up to several potential problems. Without adequate expertise, you risk ending up with an inconsistent plan , poorly optimized spaces, and a design that doesn't meet your needs. Don't let these mistakes compromise the completion of your project.

Imagine the frustration of not having called on professionals to draw the plan for your new chalet. You could end up with incorrect dimensions, an impractical layout, or even major structural issues. Don’t risk wasting your investment by opting for an improvised approach. Trust building plan drawing experts to ensure the success of your project.

At Plan Maison Québec , we understand the importance of a well-designed plan . Our team of specialized technologists offers house plan drawing and renovation services. Whether you want to build a new house or extend your existing house by adding a floor or carrying out house extension work, we are here to support you. Our building plan designer will be able to translate your ideas into a clear, coherent and aesthetically pleasing plan .

Allow us to present a concrete project to you to illustrate our expertise. Recently, we have collaborated with enthusiastic clients to build their chalet. This project included a basement, a ground floor and an upper floor fitted out with a bedroom and an office. Our clients needed a new home plan that would meet their space and functionality requirements. Thanks to our building plan designer , we were able to design a personalized plan that maximized the use of each room, thus creating a space that was both practical and aesthetic.

The project described above demonstrates the crucial importance of calling on professionals for the drawing of building plans . By entrusting your project to Plan Maison Québec , you will benefit from our experience and expertise in residential construction. We guarantee you a quality plan , meeting all your expectations and respecting current standards. Don't take unnecessary risks, choose peace of mind and the certainty of an exceptional result.

Contact us today to discuss your construction or renovation projects. With Plan Maison Québec , your vision will become reality. Get the plan of your dreams with our expert building plan designer . Don’t leave the design of your home or cottage to chance. Choose quality, efficiency and reliability. Trust Plan Maison Québec .

The first appointement: How to prepare yourself?

Like you, we want to approach your project calmly and with certainty.


This is why the first discussions with our architectural technologists and construction estimators to validate the feasibility of the project and your budget are free and without obligation.

Our professionals will also be happy to offer you valuable advice and guide you according to the stage of progress of the project, even if plans are not necessary at the moment.

Ready to get started? Make an appointment online:

*No fees or commitment

(Meeting with a construction technologist and estimator with ZOOM)

*$180 + taxes

(highly recommended for a renovation project )

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