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2 floor house with garage terrebonne
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Agrandissement maison, Ajout d'étage

2 floor house with garage Terrebonne


Richard F.

Do you have a new project but it requires additional space in your home ? You may move to a larger house . But at Plan Maison Québec we know how much we care about our home and that it is always difficult to have to part with it. This is why we suggest you make a house extension , with an addition of floors for example. In this way, you adapt your home to your projects, without leaving it. Isn't that ideal?

Plan Maison Québec is the leading architectural technologist firm in Quebec and throughout the region. Our experts have the know-how needed to design a plan house to perfection. Our clients often recommend us to their loved ones after using our services. Here is an example with this family from Terrebonne

These clients, owners of this large 2-story house with garage , contacted us to design a construction plan for a floor addition to their house . By building this new floor they wanted to have 3 new bedrooms with dressing rooms, 2 new bathrooms as well as a laundry room. Finally, their biggest dream was to have a gymnasium in their house above their garage . So we called on our best architectural technologist to design the new plan Of house 2 floor with garage . This plan allowed them to carry out their work in the best conditions and to ensure their final result.

What do you think of the project of these Terrebonne clients and the plan of house made?

Do you have a similar project and you also need professional support to carry it out? So call Plan Maison Québec and we ensure you can sleep soundly while the work is carried out.

The first appointement: How to prepare yourself?

Like you, we want to approach your project calmly and with certainty.


This is why the first discussions with our architectural technologists and construction estimators to validate the feasibility of the project and your budget are free and without obligation.

Our professionals will also be happy to offer you valuable advice and guide you according to the stage of progress of the project, even if plans are not necessary at the moment.

Ready to get started? Make an appointment online:

*No fees or commitment

(Meeting with a construction technologist and estimator with ZOOM)

*$180 + taxes

(highly recommended for a renovation project )

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