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Mascouche house renovation plan

Type of project :

Plan de rénovation

Architectural Technologist / House designer :

Maréva D.P.

Creation date :

12 juil. 2022

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mascouche house renovation plan

Do you want to carry out renovation work on your house and are you looking for a plan drawing specialist to design your house renovation plan ? Then you are in the right place at Plan Maison Québec and its technologists .

Plan Maison Québec is the reference in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick in plan drawing of house for any construction and renovation project.

Today's clients are from Mascouche and have decided to call on Plan Maison Québec and its technologists to draw up its tailor-made house renovation plan to carry out its interior redevelopment project of a residential building and the addition of a patio door on the front facade. After providing all the details of his project and its needs to our architectural technologist , the latter was able to carry out the following house renovation plan .

The door between the kitchen and storage was removed, the living room changed layout to make way for two dressing rooms and a new bedroom. Finally, the two bedrooms with dressing rooms were destroyed to build a bedroom with living room and bathroom.

Once the renovation plan for their home was completed, our Mascouche clients were able to follow through on their project by calling on their contractor to carry out the renovation work.

You too can trust Plan ’s technologists Maison Québec to draw your new house plan .

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