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Architectural technologist Laurentides

Type of project :

Plan de maison

Architectural Technologist / House designer :

Pierre K.

Creation date :

18 avr. 2023

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Laurentian architectural technologist

If you are considering building a new house in the Laurentians , it is crucial to call on an architectural technologist to draw your house plan . However, if you have not yet taken this step, you might face several problems.

At Plan Maison Québec , we offer house plan drawing services for new home construction and renovation projects such as floor additions and house extensions . Our professional architectural technologists are experts in designing unique and functional home plans to meet our clients' needs and desires.

One of our recent projects consisted of drawing a plan for a new house for clients living in the Laurentians . The land was located in a quiet residential area with stunning mountain views. Our clients wanted a spacious, bright home that would reflect their modern lifestyle.

Our architectural technologist worked closely with clients to understand their design needs and preferences. Together, we created a house plan that perfectly met their expectations. The home was designed with large windows to take advantage of the panoramic views and open living spaces for smooth circulation.

At Plan Maison Québec , we are proud to provide superior quality services for all new home construction and renovation projects. If you are looking to draw a house plan for your construction project in the Laurentians , call our team of architectural professionals. Contact us now to get more information about our services.

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