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House extension

1 floor house


Denis C.

Adding 1 floor to a house would be easier if, like growing a tree, all you had to do was plant a seed and it would grow on its own. In this case we wouldn't need an architectural technologist to design a plan to build 1 floor. We often speak of "a plan", when in reality, in order to add a floor, our expert must design a multitude of plans, such as the plan of the existing building, the plan of demolition, construction, lighting, and much more according to your requirements and needs.

At Plan House, our technologists are used to ensuring that your detailed and clear plan is thought out in such a way as to give you a simple idea of ​​the construction result. You can also design a rough plan in order to quickly understand the possible forms of the project.

Would you like to see the potential for renovation, construction of a new house, or addition of floors to your house on a plan? Take advantage of a free initial consultation with one of our technologists to validate the feasibility of your project, without any obligation. The creativity of our technologists will convince you that we will provide you with the best ideas and solutions for your project. Contact us immediately and we will be happy to create together!

1 floor house
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