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4 bedroom house plans


Cindy D.

Do you dream of living close to your family or friends without being in the same house? Have you thought about living in a semi-detached house? At Plan House, your dream can come true, thanks to the construction of a new semi-detached house.

If you do not know us yet, Plan House is the specialist in the design of construction plans and home renovation plans in the Canada region.
Thanks to its team of professional technologists, you are sure to put your house plans in good hands. Here is an example!

For this project, a couple contacted us via our website because they wanted to live close to their parents, without living in the same house. The solution we found for them was therefore to build two semi-detached houses to accommodate the two families. The project has them directly more!

After putting them in touch with one of our professional technologists, he was able to draw up the plans for a 4-bedroom house with basement, both identical, and thus bring their project to life.
What do you think of these 4 bedroom house plans?

Do you have a similar new home construction project and are looking for a professional to carry out your 4-bedroom house plans? Contact Plan house by making your appointment online. In addition, the first video is always free!

4 bedroom house plans
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