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Cabin plan

cabin plan sainte-julie


Kim B. / Véronique B.

Need a construction plan expert to draw your new cabin plan? We have what you need at Plan House.

Plan House is the firm of reference technologists in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick in the field of plan drawing of all kinds: new house plan, cabin plan, house expansion plan, addition floor or even garage construction, our team is best placed to support you in your project.

Today we are pleased to present to you the cabin construction project of customers from Sainte-Julie. They had always dreamed of it so when they were able to realize the dream of living in a cabin, they called on Plan House and its technologists to draw their custom cabin plan.

This cottage plan first has an unfinished basement. On the ground floor are two bedrooms with dressing rooms, a bathroom, a laundry room, a mechanical room and the main room composed of the living room, the kitchen and the dining room opening onto a balcony with stairs.

With their cabin plan in hand, these Sainte-Julie clients were able to realize their dream and build their cabin in excellent conditions and with complete peace of mind.

Do you also want to carry out a construction or home renovation project but you don't have a plan? Contact Plan House without delay.

cabin plan sainte-julie
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