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House extension

house expansion plan baie-saint-paul


Eric C.

A house extension in the works but you still haven't had your new house plan designed? Call on Plan House now.

Plan House is a firm of professional technologists specializing in the drawing of residential plans such as new house plans, house expansion plans, floor additions, garage construction plans, chalet plans, etc. . By calling on Plan House, you are guaranteed to carry out any type of plan for your future project.

Here our clients, originally from Baie-Saint-Paul, told us about their home expansion project. They wanted to have a bigger house. We therefore called on one of our technologists to draw the house expansion plan, adapted to the existing house. Finally, the floor is planned to accommodate a new family room.

Fully satisfied with this home expansion plan, custom-made by our technologist and adapted to their home, these Baie-Saint-Paul clients were able to quickly complete their project.

Do you also have a similar project and want to call on professionals to draw your new house plan? Look no further and call Plan House now. Now you know what to expect!

house expansion plan baie-saint-paul
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