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House plan

house interior plan levis


Édouard C.

The interior layout of your house does not suit you and you have to remedy it by carrying out renovation or extension work? Have you thought about hiring experts in house plan drawing to design your new interior plan or renovation plan? If you haven't already, it's time to call on Plan House's technologists.

At Plan House, our team of technologists specializes in drawing up all kinds of plans for construction and renovation work. Do you have a project that requires a new house plan? Call on Plan House and its technologists to be sure to receive a plan that is compliant and adapted to your project.

Here it is the inhabitants of Lévis who have called on our services to draw their interior plan of house in order to carry out a redevelopment. Once they told us about their detailed project, we were able to send it to our architectural technologist who was able to draw up an interior plan for the basement, the ground floor and the upper floor.

Once the interior plan proposal was validated, our clients in Lévis were able to send the final plan to their contractor and begin their interior remodeling work.

Do you also have a project that requires a house plan drawn by experts in their field? Now trust Plan House and its professional technologists.

house interior plan levis
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