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At Plan Maison Québec, we know how important your chalet project, your desire to build a “home” is. This is the reason whywe support you from the start of your project, from the design of your chalet plan. 

Having a cottage is the dream of many people across Canada, and particularly in Quebec. However, depending on your future land and the requirements of your municipality, you should know thatthere are standards and rules to respect for the construction of a chalet.

This is why our support continuesthroughout the processreflection and realization of your project.Building a cottage is much different than building a regular house

Here, at Plan Maison Québec, it’s alla team of professionalsqualified, passionate and experienced who mobilizes around your chalet plan.Our goal is simple:create, together, a chalet that suits you. 

From simple chalet projects to the most ambitious and high-end, at Plan Maison Québec,we meet each of your expectations. Throughexclusive and personalized support, we take on your challenges and meet your requirements. 

The quality of our chalet plan design service promises the excellence of our achievements to help you make your dream come true.


Building your chalet represents a very special real estate project. Indeed, several steps must be followed so that your project can come to fruition. Here we will see the different steps to follow to make your dream a reality.


Before even contacting us to start your chalet plan, you musthave purchased your land. This first step is essential and represents a real foundation for the design of your chalet plan. Indeed,it is your land which will serve as the basis for the production of your plans

Our team will need as much information as possible about your land. Is the location far away or close to services? On the waterfront or in the mountains? What are the dimensions of your land? What type of ground will your chalet rest on? Etc.

In addition, the choice of your land plays an important role in terms of access to municipal services.


  • Access to an aqueduct, electricity, sewers?

  • Should we plan to build a septic tank?

  • Is there wastewater treatment?

  • Is your land in a flood zone or a landslide risk zone?

  • What are the regulations for ground leveling in relation to topography?

  • Have you thought about solar orientation and the direction of the prevailing winds?

All these questions (among others) can already be of great help to you in choosing the ideal location for your chalet. The more information you have to provide toyour referent technologist during your interview, the more you help speed up the process of getting your chalet plan project underway.


Then, for the smooth running of your chalet plan project, it is essential to go throughthe stage of verifying the regulations to be respected.

In particular, it is important to check zoning, regulations and other legal aspects with your municipality. To give you an overview, here is a non-exhaustive list of things to know before starting your chalet plans: 

  • What are the construction rights in the area (near a lake, on the side of a mountain, in the woods, etc.)?

  • Can we build a fence?

  • Can you have a swimming pool?

  • Do you have permission to build a shed, garage, etc.? ?

  • What about parking and street access?

  • Can we cut down trees?

  • What are the rules regarding land and coastline clearing?

  • Can you put any exterior covering?

  • Is the presence of platforms, crossings, bridges, walls, embankments permitted?

  • Are there any regulations for landscaping?

  • Are you subject to regulations for erosion and development along the banks?

  • What are the regulations regarding the energy and ecological footprint?


We consider it crucial to remember that when we design a chalet plan,we operate as a team. Team you are part of! This means that before you even begin designing your chalet plan, your project requires careful consideration. 

In this sense, Plan Maison Québec is starting itspersonalized support with you. There are many factors to take into account during this preparation time. Very often, we divide them into 4 main categories: 

  • Personal desires

  • Architectural tastes

  • Technical aspects

  • Administrative and financial factors

Above all, don't panic. Thanks to our real and personal support, we will send you a detailed list of all the points to consider when making your appointment. 

In order to define your current and future needs,it is best to discuss and exchange with one of our architectural technologists. This one is a professional, expert in designing chalet plans. 

During your discussions, many questions essential to developing a perfect chalet plan will be addressed. For example: 

  • Do you want a four-season chalet model?

  • Do you want to build an eco-friendly building?

  • What type of energy source do you want to put in place?

  • Have you already thought about the interior design of your chalet?

  • What will be the size of the rooms and the house?

  • Do you want a chalet with one floor? etc.

Plan de chalet : comment ça fonctionne ?


At Plan Maison Québec, we offerreal tailor-made support to meet all the needs, requirements, desires and expectations of our customers. 

Plan Maison Québec guides and supports each client through in-depth reflection so that each chalet plan is a success.


Our team is committed and dedicated to the realization of your chalet plans.  Moreover, our team consists only ofprofessionals and specialists in houses, architecture, engineering, estimation, etc. 

Throughout the duration of your project,a dedicated architectural technologist is assigned to you and will always be at your disposal.


He then becomes your privileged contact to define and specify each need and desire, in order to create the perfect chalet plan. OURcollaborative approach actively involves you throughout the project.

In other words, at each stage of progress, our team is dedicated to the accomplishment of your project.

Do you want to build and live in the chalet of your dreams? You are right ! To do this, you might as well surround yourself witha loyal team which places you at the center of attention.

Finally, you will have understood, at Plan Maison Québec, you will be supported from A to Z. Together, let's make your dream a reality. Let's create a chalet plan that suits you. 

Plan Maison Québec : une équipe dévouée à votre projet


Plan Maison Québec works inone goal: to help you realize your dream of having a chalet that suits you. This is the reason why,the first consultation with a technologist is free!

During this first meeting, you and your referring technologist will discuss the key factors announced upstream. Moreover, this is the ideal time to ask all your questions, to establish your priorities, your constraints, your limits, etc. 

Following this first interview, our expert will come back to you witha 100% tailor-made quote. However, you must keep in mind that the complexity of your project as well as certain factors can play a major role in the final invoicing for the production of your chalet plan.

Indeed, the price announced on the quote may also change if your choices change and require significant modifications requiring several hours of work from our experts. This may include, for example, the design of your chalet, a complete change of architecture, the addition of a garage, rectifying the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, etc. 

Therefore, it is crucial to be aware thatyour chalet plan is not set in stone. You can modify it, improve it or correct the plans at any time. Of course, this impacts the final price. However, you are surehave a chalet that truly meets your lifestyle and your ideals

Generally speaking, the design of a cottage plan varies depending on many factors. Therefore, it is impossible to provide you with a fixed price for the development of your tailor-made chalet plan.

Plan de chalet : combien ça coûte ?


Forensure compliance of your construction and the planned developments, it is inevitable to consult an architectural technologist. Our professionals are able to respond to all your requests and will be able to validate your perceptions. 


So, are you ready to embark on the adventure of creating your chalet plan?Plan Maison Québec offers you afree first consultationto discuss your project! 

With Plan Maison Québec, your dream chalet starts here.

Want todiscover all of our services?Make an appointment for free with our team to discuss your projects and your desires!

Prendre rendez-vous pour en plan de chalet sur mesure


Plan Maison Québec has already completeda multitude of cottage plans across Canada.


We have a large number of plans likely to please you architecturally, economically, dimensionally, etc. 

So,feel free to take a lookon our chalet plan models. One of our chalets might catch your eye!


Additionally, it can also bea way to project yourselfabout the possibilities, prices, number of pieces, etc. 

Plan de chalet : l’alternative des modèles clé en main
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