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Garage plan

First free consultation with an architectural technologist to validate the feasibility ant the budget of your project

At Plan Maison, we are aware of the importance that your project represents for you, including the design of your garage plan. This is the reason why we support you from the first steps of your project, from the design of your garage plan. 

Are you lacking space to set up a DIY workshop or to store your belongings? Or do you want to build a garage with good insulation to shelter your car, motorcycle or bicycles? Are you tired of scratching your car in winter? In this case, it is time to build a garage or carport adapted to your lifestyle.

However, a garage plan must meet certain conditions in order to be approved and viable for construction. Indeed, depending on the municipalities, the standards and regulations change.


Here, at Plan Maison, it’s a team of professionals qualified, passionate and experienced who mobilizes around your garage plan. Our goal is simple: create, together, a garage adapted to your needs

From simple garage projects to the most ambitious and high-end, at Plan Maison, we meet each of your expectations. Through exclusive and personalized support, we take on your challenges and meet your requirements. 

The quality of our garage plan design service promises the excellence of our achievements to help you bring your project to fruition.

Construction of a detached garage


First of all, it seems essential to remember that when we design a garage plan, at Plan Maison, we operate as a team. Team you are part of!


This means that before you even start designing your garage plan template, your project requires careful consideration. In this sense, Plan Maison accompanies you throughout of the process.


There are many factors to take into account at this stage. Rest assured, thanks to the real and personalized support from Plan Maison, we will send you a detailed list of all the points to consider when making your appointment. 


In case you want to add a garage to your house, you must provide the existing plans of your home to your technologist. Indeed, these documents will serve as a basis for his work to imagine the best possible garage plan. If you do not have plans for your house, you can request them from the town planning department of your municipality

Subsequently, after an initial review of your documents, our technologist will come to your home to take the appropriate measures. Thanks to this, he will be able to create a garage plan model that corresponds both to your requests and to the measurements and particularities of your house. 

In addition, once the environment of your home is known, your technologist will also be able to think about future openings to create to connect the garage to your house.

​Our little tip : If you are building a garage, consider that it may be profitable to use this extension to also add a floor to the garage in order to gain living space. As long as you're doing work, you might as well only go through it once! 

This can become a master suite, independent accommodation to obtain additional income, a single room to receive family or friends, a workshop... It will therefore be necessary to provide good insulation.  


In the case of building a detached garage, the procedures are different. You should provide only the certificate of location of your house so that your technologist can study your field. 

When designing a detached garage plan, the professional does not have to come to your home to take measurements.

As a reminder, a detached garage is a structure separate and independent of the main house. Unlike an attached garage, which is directly connected to the house, a detached garage is generally built some distance from it, on the same lot.

Depending on the configuration of your land and local regulations, the detached garage can be located to the side of the house, to the rear or even to the front. 

So, remember to indicate to your referent technologist where you want to build your garage in relation to your house.


Whether you want a single, double or even triple garage, whether it is made of wood, whether it is open or closed, or whether it is a carport or a carport, the choices to build a garage are really very varied.

Therefore, we advise you to arrive at the meeting with your technologist with ideas, sketches, or even existing models that caught your attention. Indeed, as always, the more information you give to your technologist, the more information-rich and equipped he will be to satisfy you.

In addition, do not hesitate to specify all the utilities and uses that you envisage for your garage so that your technologist plans them on the garage plan.

Our little tip : take a look at our website to discover our garage models and our garage projects. Our team has already designed a large number of garages of all types and personalized carports. You may find what you're looking for or some great inspiration through what already exists!

Garage plan: how does it work?
Addition of attached garageAddition of attached garage
For all garage constructions

PLAN Maison Québec :

At Plan Maison Québec, our strength lies in real personalized support to meet all the needs, requirements, desires and expectations of our customers. 

Plan Maison Québec guides and supports each client through in-depth reflection so that each garage plan creation is a success.


Our team is committed and dedicated to create your garage plans. Moreover, our team is made up only of professionals and specialists in construction, architecture, engineering, estimation, etc.


Throughout the duration of your project, a dedicated architectural technologist is assigned to you and will always be at your disposal.


Our collaborative approach actively involves you throughout the project. In other words, at each stage of progress, our team is dedicated to the accomplishment of your project.


When making such an important investment, you might as well surround yourself with a loyal team which places you at the center of attention.

Finally, you will understand, at Plan Maison Québec, you will be supported from A to Z. Together, let's create a garage plan that suits you.

Plan Maison Québec : a team dedicated to your project
Garage plan: the alternative of ready-to-build models

Plan Maison Québec has already produced a multitude of garage and carport plans across Canada.


We have a large number of plans likely to please you both architecturally, economically, dimensionally, use, etc. 

So, do not hesitate to take a look at our models garage plans. One of our garages might catch your attention!


In addition, it can also be a way to project yourself on the possibilities, prices, layout, dimensions, etc.


At Plan Maison Québec, our tailor-made garage or carport plan service offers you the opportunity to offer added value to your home. Choosing to go through the design of a personalized garage plan offers great advantages: 

Clarity and overview : A well-designed garage plan provides an overview of the structure, indicating dimensions, layout, openings (doors and windows), electrical locations, etc. This allows you to clearly understand what the garage will look like when finished.

Regulatory compliance : A garage plan allows you to ensure that the construction meets all local regulations regarding zoning, construction, height, setback from lot lines, insulation, and other legal requirements. This prevents you from running into problems with local authorities once the work begins.

Accurate cost estimation : With a detailed garage plan, you can get accurate quotes from contractors or material suppliers. This allows you to budget correctly and avoid unexpected cost overruns.

Space optimization : A well-thought-out garage plan allows you to optimize the use of the available space. You can decide the optimal placement of shelves, cabinets and other items to maximize storage and space efficiency.

Personalization and adaptation to your needs : By developing a garage plan, you can customize the design to meet your specific needs. You can provide special amenities such as workshop space, laundry room, additional storage space, etc. You can also consider the exterior appearance via a covering that you like. 

Facilitation of the construction process : A detailed plan provides clear guidelines to contractors and workers who will be involved in building the garage. This makes the construction process easier, reduces errors and costly changes, and ensures smoother project execution.

In summary, calling on our team to design a garage or carport plan is the assurance of creating a unique, functional space adapted to your needs and your lifestyle. 

6 good reasons to design a personalized garage plan
Garage plan: how much does it cost?


Plan Maison Québec works with a single objective: to help you carry out your project to have a garage or carport adapted to your needs.


This is the reason why, the first consultation with a technologist is free!

During this first meeting, your referent technologist and you yourself will address the key success factors of your project.


Moreover, this is the ideal time to ask all your questions, to establish your priorities, your constraints, your limits, etc. 

Following this first interview, our expert will come back to you with a 100% personalized quote. However, you should keep in mind that the complexity of your project as well as certain factors can play a major role in the final invoicing for the production of your garage plan.


Indeed, the price announced on the quote may also change if your choices change and require significant modifications requiring several hours of work from our experts.


This may include, for example, the design of your garage, a complete change of architecture, the addition of a floor, etc.


So, it is crucial to be aware that your garage plan is not set in stone. You can modify it, improve it or correct the plans at any time.


Of course, this impacts the final price. However, you are sure to have a garage or carport that truly meets your lifestyle and your needs.

Make an appointment for a custom garage plan

You want to start your custom cottage plan?

Ready to make your dream cottage or cabin come true? Start the adventure with Plan Maison Quebec by making an appointment with one of our team members to discuss your project! 

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