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cottage house plans

Foolproof expertise in cottage house plan design!

With our chalet plan templates available at affordable prices, you can build the home of your dreams. Develop your perfect chalet plan with Plan Maison Québec and get the desired result ​


Discover our cottage house plans available online here

Plan Maison Québec also offers a custom cottage house plan design service created by qualified professionals and designed for your specific needs. They are committed to creating quality plans that ensure the efficiency and comfort of each project.

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Our chalet plan models

Hundreds of chalet plans available on our store

Plan Maison Québec is your best source for an affordable and practical chalet plan. We offer a variety of cottage plan templates designed to meet your needs and budget, and we are proud to offer a large selection of cottage plans at affordable prices.

Designed by experienced professionals and offering a variety of attractive options, our plans will allow you to realize your dream of owning a magnificent chalet.

Plan Maison Québec offers hundreds of chalet plans for all needs and budgets, designed to be built across Quebec. Come discover our latest projects and get inspired!

Our latest additions:

Our cottage house plan models
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Let's create together,
the cottage house plan

that suits you

CUSTOM cottage house plan

At Plan Maison Québec, we specialize in the design and creation of custom chalet plans. Our plans are designed to fit your land and your budget. We provide you with qualified personnel to assist you in developing your construction plan.

Our architectural technologist firm, member of the Order of Professional Technologists of Quebec (OTPQ), has carried out thousands of custom chalet plan design projects and will be able to guide you in the creation of your personalized plan.

Let us help you bring your construction project to fruition and create your tailor-made chalet plan.

Custom cottage house plan
TO CHOOSE a pmq cottage PLAn

At Plan Maison, we really put your project at the heart of our business. Your satisfaction is our priority. This is why, all of our customers are satisfied of their collaboration with our team and recommends us across the country.

Impeccable plans & certified by the OTPQ seal regardless of the project:

New houses, chalets, renovations, garages, added floors... Plan Maison Québec also has among its team structural engineers, professional estimators and 3D perspective to ensure foolproof expertise on all the factors of your project

Support throughout the process and true collaboration

listening, advice, reflections, opinions, suggestions… between you and the professionals involved in your projects, there is no barrier. You can make an appointment at your convenience with your technologist (project manager) throughout the design of your plans, and you are in direct contact with all the professionals involved in the project.

Your team of dedicated professionals

Architectural technologist, structural engineer, construction estimator and 3d perspectivist, works closely with you under the management of your project manager.

Commitment and trust through all the stages

Plan Maison don't do construction and does not take any commissions. We are technically focused, and work for you and only you in planning your project. Our team will be able to advise you to avoid industry pitfalls and validate your perceptions.

Fair and equitable prices for an honest partnership.

At Plan Maison, we know that your budget is a major issue in the project, and we create "the plans you need" at the best price. You are billed according to a bank of hours previously defined with you during an exhaustive meeting. With the exception of a request for a radical change, for which you yourself would have to admit that additional time must be applied, our technologists are instructed not to bring any additional time to your attention.

100% satisfied customers
Validate your perceptions yourself through hundreds of online reviews. 

Choosing Plan Maison for your construction or renovation project ensures that you have access to the best services possible...

6 good reasons to choose Plan Maison Québec

Make an appointment for a

First consultation by videoconference free of charge.


Following the meeting, you will receive a proposal for the creation of your complete construction plans, which will be necessary to validate the feasibility of the project with your municipality, obtaining your license to build, receive quotes from contractors and manufacturers but also, you will be essential to make all stakeholders aware of the projected result and the associated costs.


Our professional will also be happy to offer you precious advices to avoid the pitfalls of the industry and orient yourself according to the stage of advancement of the project, even if you don't need plans at the moment.


Ready to get started? Listen to Emilie explains to you how to prepare yourself: