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First free consultation with an architectural technologist to validate the feasibility of your project

One of the biggest projects in life is building your dream house or its ideal chalet. See your children grow up in a perfect environment, designed with love to live a fulfilling family life, or simply to have happy days

At the house of Plan Maison, every architectural technologist is aware of the financial, emotional and spiritual investment that the construction of your house, your chalet or your garage represents. Everything must be perfect so that you can achieve the quality of life you dream of.

This is why our team is made up of professional architectural technologistsselected with rigor and care. Thus, the transcription on paper of your desires and needs is carried out through projects designed in a clear, precise and detailed manner.  


At Plan Maison Québec, whatever the scale of your project, from simple and modest construction projects to the most high-end and complex projects, we will meet your expectations and requirements

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What is AN

An architectural technologist is a professional whose work closely combines the fields of architecture, real estate and construction. 

More precisely, it is a person trained in the technical and practical aspects of architectural design. Architectural technologists are involved in the process of creating and producing homes, cottages, garages, and other buildings, from initial design to final construction. 

The main responsibilities of an architectural technologist

The architectural technologist has an essential role in the design of your house plan, chalet plan, plan renovation, expansion plan or garage plan. Indeed, it represents a real pivot throughout the construction. 

Generally speaking, its main missions may include:

  • carrying out field surveys

  • creating technical drawings

  • preparation of detailed construction plans

  • the use of computer-aided design (CAD) software to produce 2D and 3D models

  • coordination with other building professionals such as engineers, contractors… 

Architectural technologists have a deep knowledge building codes, standards and construction materials. 

Additionally, they are capable of resolve technical issues related to the structure, insulation, ventilation, lighting, and other important aspects of your home. 

In conclusion, an architectural technologist is a professional who combines technical and practical architectural skills to contribute to the completion of your construction project.

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What is an architectural technologist?


Consulting an architectural technician is beneficial to you and your construction project for several reasons. Here are some examples: 

Design of plans: if you have a construction or renovation project, the architectural technologist can help you design the plans. They will take into account your needs, your aesthetic preferences and technical constraints to create detailed plans that meet your expectations. 

Technical tips: Architectural technicians provide expertise in the technical aspects of construction. Thus, they can advise you on the materials to use, heating and ventilation systems, safety and accessibility standards, and other fundamental considerations to guarantee the sustainability and functionality of your project.

Coordination with other professionals: Architectural technologists often work in collaboration with other building and construction professionals such as architects, engineers, contractors, etc. They can therefore play a coordinating role in ensuring that all aspects of the project are taken into account . Technologists also play a mediating role by facilitating communication between different stakeholders.

Project management : architectural technologists can also provide project management role. Indeed, they help to plan the different stages, establish a realistic schedule, coordinate the different teams and ensure that your project progresses in accordance with the established deadlines and budget. 

Regulatory expertise: technologists have in-depth knowledge of building codes and current regulations. Therefore, they can help you see more clearly the legal and administrative requirements related to your project. All while ensuring that all the necessary steps are taken and that your project is compliant.

In summary, consulting and surrounding yourself with an architectural technologist represents a real advantage in carrying out your construction or renovation projects.

5 good reasons to hire an architectural technologist
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AN architectural

First of all, even before designing yourconstruction plan, your project requires a work of reflection on your part in order to list the essential elements which we divide into 4 categories of important factors:​

  • Personal factors

  • Architectural factors

  • Technical factors

  • Administrative and financial factors


To make things easier for you,Quebec House Plan provides you with a comprehensive list listing the considerations for each factor.


This will be sent to you automatically by email when you make an appointment for your free consultation with your assigned technologist.


Once this information has been carefully considered  in hand, you make work easier of your architectural technologist while speeding up the process.

Ready to get started? It's this way!

Prepare your meeting with an architectural technologist
An architectural technologist 100% dedicated to your project
Close up of hands working brainstorming and measuring for cost estimating on paperworks an

The cost evaluation process with one of our technologists is divided into 2 steps:

  1. A free first consultation: This first meeting allows you to define your concept, your needs, your desires, your lifestyle and your budget.

  2. Submission of a service offer: following examination of the details and factors discussed, our technologist gives you a personalized offer for the design of your plans at the right price. This will be given to you the same day of the meeting.


Your technician will agree with you to a rate based on projected hours for the design of your construction plans as well as their delivery time, which may vary depending on the following 6 factors:

  1. The complexity of the project

  2. The number of plans to produce

  3. Traffic at the time the plans are put into production (spring and summer periods being busier)

  4. The time required for approval of plans by the client(s)

  5. Modifications required during production by the customer(s)

  6. Changes required during production by your municipality

As for the design cost, know that the precision and quantity of the information provided, as well as the complexity of the project, are the factors that determine the price of your personalized house / chalet / garage plan, which is equivalent generally at 1% to 3% of construction cost.


So, being well-prepared is the best way to optimize your costs and get your plans in place as quickly as possible. 

How much does it cost to work with an architectural technologist?
Interior Designer Or Decorator Online Video Conference Call.jpg

Our design service tailor-made construction plan is provided by our team of experienced architectural technicians which combine functionality and aesthetics with your project. 

Optimal layout of spaces, fluidity of circulation areas, solid structure and a design in your image, that’s it the promise of Plan Maison Québec

Not only with Plan Maison Québec you benefit from the strength of a team, but you also benefit from a personalized service with a technologist who will be entirely dedicated to your project. In fact, a single architectural technologist will take care of your file from A to Z. 

This represents a considerable advantage, since if you encounter any hesitation or if you have a question, you can contact your representative directly. At Plan Maison Québec, we put at the heart of our businesses a superior quality of service and an fluid communication.

Moreover, we are well aware thatyour project is important to you. If not the most project, the most important of your life. This is why our members know that they have the full support of the owners and management to provide all the care and time necessary to design a plan that meets the highest standards of our industry.


​* Les premières consultations et discutions avec nos professionnels pour valider la faisabilité de votre projet sont sans frais ni engagement.

Propose a project or make an appointment with an architectural technologist

Make an appointment for a

First consultation by videoconference free of charge.


Following the meeting, you will receive a proposal for the creation of your complete construction plans, which will be necessary to validate the feasibility of the project with your municipality, obtaining your license to build, receive quotes from contractors and manufacturers but also, you will be essential to make all stakeholders aware of the projected result and the associated costs.


Our professional will also be happy to offer you precious advices to avoid the pitfalls of the industry and orient yourself according to the stage of advancement of the project, even if you don't need plans at the moment.


Ready to get started? Listen to Emilie explains to you how to prepare yourself:

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