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All of our plans are complete guides for permitting, bidding and construction, and can be certified for all your projects in Canada and the United States.

* Member of OTPQ (Quebec) and BCIN (Ontario).

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Find your dream house, chalet or garage by selecting your criteria.


Order your plan online, or make an appointment for a presentation / modification request. We will send you a quote following our meeting


Your plans will be sent to you within 1 to 3 days following your online purchase, or 5 to 10 days if we need to modify them.


Our team remains available until the construction work is complete.

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If you can't find a house model that suits you, no problem!


Make an appointment for free with one of our architectural technologists to discuss your exclusive custom project or to make changes to an existing house plan template. 

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What is a model house plan?
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HOUSE plans

Plan Maison Québec offers hundreds of houses plan, likely to please you or inspire you to develop your own house plan. 

Concretely, a house model is a pre-established concept who can be used as a base for construction of a dwelling. This is an architectural plan which includes detailed diagrams of the different parts, structure, dimensions, layout, finishes and other design elements. 

Our house models vary according to size, number of rooms (bedrooms, bathroom, etc.), architectural style (traditional, modern, contemporary, farmhouse, Scandinavian, French, etc.), interior and exterior layouts, etc.  

Some of our house models are designed to be individual houses, while others can be intended for income house projects, bi-generational houses, etc. 

It is important to understand that every house plan available in our online catalogue remains modifiable and customizable, according to your personal desires. In other words, minor modifications to the initially proposed plan to customize it according to your specific needs are possible. 

In addition, it is essential to note that purchasing a house model does not necessarily mean that the house will be identical to all other homes built from the same model. Indeed, variations exist depending on the preferences and modifications made by each client, as well as local regulations or construction site constraints. 

HOUSE plans:

Plan Maison Québec offers one of the largest online catalog of house plans. With more than 800 models available, you have access to house plans immediately! 

By choosing to choose a house model, you benefit from a verified plan which takes into account functional, structural and aesthetic considerations. 

Thanks to the multitude of plans available, you can also find inspiration via our house models. 

In addition, if you buy a house model directly, it is obvious that you save considerable time in carrying out your project.


Of course, the chosen house plan can be modified to suit your personal desires, needs and lifestyles. 

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House model: Get your plans immediately
The benefits of starting with a model house plan

Buying a model house offers several advantages. Although creating a new house plan allows you to personalize your future home down to the smallest detail, choosing an existing house model nevertheless offers significant privileges:

Time saving : all our house models available on our site comply with regulations and are validated by our architecture and building professionals. In addition, you have direct access to detailed plans. This quickly gives you an overview of the home. Thus, by purchasing one of our model plans, you save considerable time on the validation of your perceptions and construction approvals. 

Saving money : as you save valuable time, you inevitably save money. In fact, buying a model house represents a financial investment that is often less substantial than drawing up a plan for a new house or a plan for a new chalet.

Possible customization : although it is a pre-established house model, it is entirely possible to personalize it through subsidiary modifications so that the house best suits you. Therefore, there is no need to think that if you buy one model, your house will look like another and will not be unique. This idea is totally wrong!

A turnkey house : assuming that the model suits you as it is, you already have your house in your possession! You have the plans, so you are able to really plan ahead.

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