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house blueprints

tailor made plan

To do things right, we support you free of charge for a feasibility study and validate your budget

At Plan Maison Quebec, we are aware of the importance that your project represents for you. In addition, we know how much a well-designed house plan can improve your daily life, your standard and your comfort. This is why our entire team is mobilizes and involves you 100% in the design of your house blueprints in order to create, together, the unique house that perfectly meets your needs.

From simple to high-end house blueprints, at Plan Maison Quebec, we will be able to meet each of your expectations. Thanks to attentive and personalized support, we will be able to meet the challenges, enhance your investment and meet all requirements.

The quality of our service and our expertise in designing new house blueprints is corroborated by more than 5,000 achievements, and promises to build each of your ideas, with the best possible approach.

How to start an house blueprints project with us?

First, it seems essential to remember that when we design a house blueprints, we operate as a team. Team you are part of!


This means that before making house blueprints, we must first know ourselves a little, and accompany you in careful reflection to define:

Your personal desires

Your architectural tastes

Technical aspects

Administrative and financial factors

This is why the first consultation with our professionals and the follow-ups that apply are without cost or obligation.

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To make house blueprints, how do we start?

What are the advantages of making custom house blueprints?

Personalization : during the creation of a new house blueprints, you are able to personalize every detail of your house according to your needs, your tastes, your lifestyle, your architectural style, your choices, etc. You can decide on the room layout, number of bedrooms, dimensions, materials, finishes, etc. As a result, a new house plan allows you to create a home that perfectly meets your expectations, your vision, your family and your budget.

Space optimization : Custom-designed house blueprints maximizes the use of space. You work collaboratively with your architectural technologist and/or designer to design an effective layout to optimize interior and exterior spaces. It’s up to you to integrate clever storage spaces, specific layouts according to your lifestyle, a garage, etc… 

Functionality and ergonomics : When designing your house blueprints, you can consider both of these aspects for each space. Therefore, you can decide the location of rooms or bedrooms based on sunlight, panoramic views, privacy, traffic flow, etc. This allows you to create a comfortable and practical environment every day.

Long-term savings : Sometimes it can seem more expensive to have a new home plan designed instead of purchasing an existing home. However, in the long term, this results in significant savings. Indeed, by designing a new house according to energy efficiency criteria, you can reduce heating, air conditioning and electricity costs. Additionally, a modern, well-thought-out design by our professionals can increase the resale value of your home, should you decide to sell it in the future. 

In conclusion, calling on our team to design a new house blueprints is the assurance of creating a unique living space, functional and adapted to your needs, your lifestyle, your family. In short, the certainty of having a house that suits you.

What are the advantages of making custom house blueprints?
Plan Maison Québec : a whole team dedicated to your project

A complete team of experts dedicated to creating a unique and personalized house blueprints

At Plan Maison Quebec, we offer real tailor-made support to meet all your expectations, your requirements, your needs and your desires. Our team guides and supports each of its clients through in-depth reflection so that each project is a success. It is made up of professionals and specialists in construction, architecture, engineering, estimation and construction.

Your designated architectural technologist will be at your disposal throughout the duration of your house bluerpints. He will be your privileged contact to define and specify, with you, each of your desires and your choices, in order to perfectly realize your house plan.


Our collaborative approach actively involves you throughout the process so that together we can create the home that suits you.

How much does it cost to make house blueprints?

At Plan Maison Quebec, our one and only goal is to help you realize your dream of having a home that suits you. This is why the first consultation with team members is free!

During this first contact, you and your assigned technologist discuss the key factors of the project. Now is the time to ask your questions, establish your priorities and your price limits. Following this first exchange, the expert will be able to come back to you with a quote and a proposal adapted to your situation.

The price announced based on the plans in the quote is strongly influenced by your level of preparation, and the complexity of the project you wish to build. Keep in mind that your house plan is not set in stone. You can change, improve or rectify your plans at any time.

Generally speaking, the design of a personalized new house plan varies depending on many factors, which is why we take the time to do things well with you to precisely define the work to be done to properly support you.

House plan: how much does it cost?
Make an appointment for a personalized house plan

Ready to start your custom house blueprints?

Ready to make your dream come true? Start the adventure with Plan Maison Québec by making an appointment with one of our team members to discuss your project! 

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