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Home floor plans and designs

At Plan Maison Québec, our architectural technologists are specialized in design of house plans and renovation. This first essential step in your construction project, which:

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Find your dream home among or largest plan store, or make an appointment to discuss your project with an architectural technologist free of charge:

​* The first consultations and discussions with our professionals to validate the feasibility of your project are free of charge and without obligation.

Find your dream house plan in our catalog

Searching For Online House Plans

Explore thousands of beautiful home plans from leading architectural floor plan designers. Free customization quotes available.

A plan model is a detailed graphic representation of an architectural project for the construction of a house, a cottage, garage etc. This is a set of technical drawings produced by our architectural technologists which include, for example, room layout, dimensions, materials, electrical and plumbing systems, openings, stairs, etc.


With our extensive catalog of house plans, Plan Maison offers you a multitude of possibilities to create your dream home. With more than 5000 model house plans already available and all of our achievements to inspire you, it may be that your future home is hidden here!


Plan Maison offers you various 100% turnkey house plans online : cabin, single-family house, income house, farmhouse, detached garage, etc.

Our new plans available:

CUSTOM house plan

Personalization of a new house plan is essential to guarantee a house that suits you perfectly. Indeed, your living space must meet your needs, your lifestyle and an architecture that you like.


Plan Maison Québec, expert in designing personalized plans, offers tailor-made support to meet all the expectations of its customers.


Plan Maison Quebec accompanies, guides and supports each client through in-depth reflection so that the development of each project is a success. Thus, all aspects and factors are addressed: personal desires, lifestyle, architecture, techniques, administration, financing, etc.

Our team is dedicated to produce tailor-made plans and is made up of professionals in construction, architecture, engineering, estimation, etc... Our collaborative approach actively involves you throughout the process.


The costs of designing a new house plan vary depending on key factors (surface area, number of bedrooms, rooms, presence or not of a garage, and other details, etc.) and the complexity of the project. As a result, Plan Maison Québec offers a free first consultation.


Following this first meeting, we will offer you a personalized quote.

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About our custom house plan services
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Renovation plan

*Only in the province of Quebec

Need help and advice to expand, beautify and improve your current home? Whatever the scale of your project, our team of professionals specializing in the design of renovation plans will be able to advise you down to the smallest detail and guide you in your choices.

At Plan Maison, we understand the importance of creating renovation plans that meet your real needs as owner. 


This is why we offer superior quality service with highly qualified and efficient technologists able to help you make your project a reality.


Our renovation plans take into account every aspect of your project: the size of the land, the layout of your current home, the costs involved in your project, etc.


We offer tailor-made renovation plans for each customer. Thanks to that unique approach, we offer you plans that meet your needs, while respecting your budget

For a renovation project
3D house plan and virtual reality

Our team, passionate about architectural technologies, continues to innovate on these 3D architectural services. Adopt the technological shift in our industry and take advantage of it by collaborating with Plan Maison!

Plan Maison is your ideal partner for the creation of your house plan in 3D. With our specialized 3D designers and artists, we create personalized house plans that meet your needs and your budget. 


The keywords here: visualization and validation! In fact, you can choose the house model that suits you best and visualize in an immersive way the final rendering of your home from a decorative, design, layout and dimensions point of view in 3D.


Of course, this rendering is for information only, but it tends to be as realistic as possible. The objective is to validate your perceptions, before you start your construction project.


We are also concerned about your financial limits. We are aware that such a project sometimes represents high costs. This is why we offer competitive prices for this service as well.


With the expertise of Plan Maison, your dream to have a unique and perfect home according to your criteria becomes reality! Our architectural technologist will be able to create 3D house plans that meet your needs, and all your requirements.

As a result, you visualize your house before it is even built. Plan Maison is committed to your satisfaction before the start of the beginning of the construction.

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3D house plan and virtual reality services
6 good reason to choose Plan Maison

At Plan Maison, we really put your project at the heart of our businessYour satisfaction is our priority. This is why, all of our customers are satisfied of their collaboration with our team and recommends us across the country.

Impeccable plans & certified by the OTPQ seal regardless of the project:

New houses, chalets, renovations, garages, added floors... Plan Maison Québec also has among its team structural engineers, professional estimators and 3D perspective to ensure foolproof expertise on all the factors of your project

Support throughout the process and true collaboration

listening, advice, reflections, opinions, suggestions… between you and the professionals involved in your projects, there is no barrier. You can make an appointment at your convenience with your technologist (project manager) throughout the design of your plans, and you are in direct contact with all the professionals involved in the project.

Your team of dedicated professionals

Architectural technologist, structural engineer, construction estimator and 3d perspectivist, works closely with you under the management of your project manager.

Commitment and trust through all the stages

Plan Maison don't do construction and does not take any commissions. We are technically focused, and work for you and only you in planning your project. Our team will be able to advise you to avoid industry pitfalls and validate your perceptions.

Fair and equitable prices for an honest partnership.

At Plan Maison, we know that your budget is a major issue in the project, and we create "the plans you need" at the best price. You are billed according to a bank of hours previously defined with you during an exhaustive meeting. With the exception of a request for a radical change, for which you yourself would have to admit that additional time must be applied, our technologists are instructed not to bring any additional time to your attention.

100% satisfied customers

Validate your perceptions yourself through hundreds of online reviews. 

The first appointement: How to prepare yourself?

Like you, we want to approach your project calmly and with certainty.


This is why the first discussions with our architectural technologists and construction estimators to validate the feasibility of the project and your budget are free and without obligation.

Our professionals will also be happy to offer you valuable advice and guide you according to the stage of progress of the project, even if plans are not necessary at the moment.

Ready to get started? Make an appointment online:

*No fees or commitment

(Meeting with a construction technologist and estimator with ZOOM)

*$180 + taxes

(highly recommended for a renovation project )

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